Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute Inc

Working Together Towards a Sustainable Negros

Our Programs

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Youth Education

NYLI Inc aspires to contribute to rebuilding a nation of educated and well-informed decision-makers. NYLI Inc’s education program yearns to assist young leaders to reach their full potential through formal and non-formal education access to education.

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Youth Empowerment

NYLI Inc yearns to build a community of young leaders passionate to contribute to the development of Negros and the nation. NYLI Inc’s youth empowerment program aims to enhance the capacities and empower young people towards sustainable community development through the emergence of times and the changes that come with it.

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Youth Engagement

NYLI believes on the youth’s crucial role in nation-building thus it works to engage all young people, their families, and communities in working together to bring about youth-led and community-based solutions to issues and concerns that confront them.

Get Involved

Help us in reaching more youth leaders in Negros! Our work needs your support to provide more opportunities for the youth of Negros, and their communities.
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Be an Ambassador

NYLI Ambassador program is intended for individuals who wish to use their influence and network to help the organization grow in reach and financially, towards the sustainability of its programs and services.
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Your donation can go a long way. You may choose to donate to our specific programs and projects, or you may give to fund where it is most needed. Each peso that you will contribute will be well accounted for and will be used for the implementation of our programs and services.
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Become a Member

Your may have extra time, or passionate about the youth movement and engagement in nation-building, join us as one of our Volunteer Members and help us reach more young people to be the frontlines of developing their communities.