Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute

Our Humble Beginnings

Born from the unwavering history of our forefathers of heroes, sugar barons, migrants, sugar peasants, and unheard minorities, we take pride in the unique Negrosanon blood that beats within our hearts and the sweetness of our race that filled the glory of our lands. NYLI continues to live on, carry on, and pass on to the youth the greatness of the people and the responsibility to co-create a future for everyone. Back in 2016, Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute was born from a big, ambitious dream to provide an avenue for young leaders to carry out their advocacies outside their schools and to bring about change in their own communities through Negrosanon Young Leaders Summit. NYLS is a project crafted by Teodoro Angelo Villanueva, Junjun Mojica; Youth Empowering Youth Initiative Inc, Sowing Legacy Movement Inc; and other individuals who gathered together for the cause. On January 2017, the first Negrosanon Young Leaders Summit (NYLS) was staged and participated by the finest young leaders of Negros Occidental, where a wider network has been established and launched the Negrosanon Young Leaders Alumni Association. On January 2018, the second wave of the summit was implemented. Its outcomes became the kick-off point for the implementers to establish an organization that will cater to the immediate needs of Negrosanon youths, hence Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute. On December 2018, the Institute was registered under the National Youth Commission’s Youth Organization Registration Program (YORP) as a community-based youth organization. On February 2019, Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute Incorporated was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a non-stock, non-profit organization. On 2020, NYLI Inc has been registered with the Department of Social Welfare and Development as a community-based social welfare agency. Today, NYLI has opened more programs for the welfare of the youth of the province.
About Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute


NYLI envisions empowered Negrosanon Youths who are committed towards a Sustainable Negros.


NYLI is committed to equipping Negrosanon Youths through education, empowerment, and engagement–by providing them with safe spaces for action-driven dialogue, discussion, and self-discovery to become catalysts of change in their communities.

Our Advocacy Focus

  • Culture and Arts
  • Economic Development
  • Education and Literacy
  • Environment
  • Good Governance
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Contemporary Issues