Alang sa Pangandoy

Alang sa Pangandoy

A Campaign to Support the Department of Education’s
Learning Continuity Plan in Negros Occidental.

Alang sa Pangandoy is a joint initiative of Bakyas Community Development Center, Inc and Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute Inc to support the Department of Education in its implementation of the Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) for pupils and students in Negros Occidental. Resources raised through Alang sa Pangandoy shall be pooled to fund (1) printing of self-learning materials and modules, (2) procurement of necessary supplies and materials for children and teachers (ink, bond papers, pad papers, ball pens, pencils, folders), and (3) training of peer facilitators and para-teachers for one-on-one or small group tutorials within their respective puroks and sitios.

Education in Emergency

We understand the challenges and demands brought about by the global health emergency, and the realities our children and their families face in these uncertain times. Thus, we recognize our role to help bridge the gap to aide children, families and communities to address the challenges in education during these times. We have consulted parents, caregivers, school partners and local government units on the current landscape of education, and health and nutrition to specifically target their most pressing needs, thus, Alang sa Pangandoy. Further, we acknowledge that this solution is temporary and short-term, but we believe that this will leave a lasting impact on the lives of our children as we stay true to the promise that no one must be left behind. With the current policies and directions, we are geared towards assisting our public-school teachers in reaching more pupils and students to have equal access to education and learning materials. Our desire is to engage generous individuals, corporate partners, and other like-minded groups to join us to reach at least:
School Children

2,000 School Children


20 Schools

Public School Teachers

200 Public School Teachers

Alang sa Pangandoy