Support an Initiative

Education and Literacy

We dream of young people who are well-informed decision makers in their respective communities, and with your partnership, we can make this a reality.

Culture and Arts

Your gift will enable us to bring about culture and arts appreciation among young people.

Economic Development

Your gift will enable us to equip young people to develop essential skills that they can maximize to help themselves for the long term through sustainable income generating activities.


We believe that living in a balance and healthy environment is everybody’s right. Your gift will enable us to engage young people in conserving and protecting the environment.

Good Governance

We believe in a society where all are given equal access to resources. Your gift will ensure that young people are engaged and working with local government units to address issues and concerns confronting them.

Health and Nutrition

Your gift will enable stakeholders in the community eat enough and nutritious food, protected from infections and diseases, have basic sanitation and hygiene education, and access to safe drinking water.

Contemporary Issues

Your gift will ensure that young people are working towards resolving the issues and concerns ever-changing demands of the fast-paced society, most especially of the minority groups and most vulnerable sectors of the community.

Give to Where Most Needed

Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute focuses it’s resources to youth-led initiatives and projects to where it is most needed. By giving a general donation, you enable us to quickly respond in the areas that are in need of immediate attention. In NYLI, your donation is important to us. We ensure that we uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability to cash and non-cash gifts we receive to maximize our impact.