NYLI Inc, Waves for Water provide better access to safe drinking water in Victorias City

Jan 31, 2021

Negros Occidental– Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute Inc, in partnership with Waves for Water, provides access to safe drinking water to more than 200 families in Victorias City.

Student-nurse Lennyl Lacuesta gave a short orientation on the importance of safe drinking water and avoiding common water-borne diseases such as diarrhea and typhoid fever.

Further, he highlighted that community members could avoid water-borne diseases with proper water filtration and sanitation.

Photo by NYLI Inc Kevin Gaitan

NYLI Inc conducted an orientation and demonstration on the installation and maintenance of Waves for Water’s water filtration system to ensure its maximum use and impact.

“With our goal to help Negrosanon communities have better access to essential social services such as safe drinking water, we are grateful for Waves for Water for the partnership to reach more communities,” shares Jomar Borromeo, NYLI Inc’s Programs Director.

Photo by NYLI Inc Daniel Medecielo

Community members share an average of PhP 300.00 (approximately 7 USD) per family, per month to purchase purified water.

“We desire to reach more families in the coming weeks as we transition to our rehabilitation efforts in Victorias and Silay Cities,” Borromeo concludes.

NYLI Inc provided more than 1700 essential relief packs and served more than 150 plant-based meals to Negrosanon families hit by the flooding in early January this year.


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