NYLI, SK Federation Bacolod, capacitates the youth through Youth Employment Enrichment Workshop

Aug 16, 2022

What skills do you have to be deemed employable? 

If there’s one thing that fresh graduates are scared to deal with, it’s the preparation of grooming themselves as fit to work, or otherwise, they’d be greeted by the common quote of “Welcome to the World of Unemployed.” Fresh off the bat from their respective universities, each graduate has their own perception of what it means to become employable and what skills they must need to reach a certain standard. 

However, there is still a thin line between perception and reality. Companies have imposed different standards that applicants need to reach, and they will only know once they immerse themselves through interviews, and sometimes, from various first-hand experiences of employees of a certain company. Thus, they must be informed and equipped at all times. 

Raising employability skills to fresh graduates needs an in-depth technical understanding and subjective knowledge, and through the Youth Employment Enrichment Workshop, an initiative of Negrosanon Young Leaders Institute supported by Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation, and SK Federation-Bacolod, participants from various barangays of Bacolod City have been equipped with the necessary skills of job applications, guided by competent and knowledgeable mentors. 

The topics of the workshop include 21st Century Workplace Essential Skills discussed by Mr. Jomar Borromeo; Labor Laws which was discussed by Mr. Seth Pullona; and Tips and Techniques in Answering Common Interview Questions and Power Dressing by Ms. Allourine Cabrera. In the last part of the program, there was also a mock interview wherein participants were divided into groups and were guided by various coaches that trained them in resume writing and job interviewing. 

Dan Paul, one of the participants of the workshop, is determined to defy all odds that will lead him to belong in a field of his expertise despite not being able to finish his degree on BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering. However, his positive affirmation as a graduate of Consumer Electronics led him to become a participant of the workshop. Upon seeing the workshop on social media, he was also referred by a staff of the mayor’s office to attend. He decided to take part in the workshop in the hopes of a thriving career in his future endeavors. He was mostly interested in acquiring skills for job interviews, and the workshop surpassed his expectations since it caters to basic skills of job application, speaking abilities, and proper resume writing skills, which he said that the coaches have comprehensively covered.

“Among all of the topics in the workshop, the topic of Labor Laws was very helpful, because it helps us become aware of our rights and privileges as workers, and it is something that I can also share with my friends who are graduating students and jobseekers.”

Karla Joy, also one of the participants, is a graduate of BS in Business Administration with a Major in Marketing Management. She was invited to attend the workshop by the SK officials of their barangay. She immediately confirmed her participation since she needed the relevant information as a fresh graduate. “Currently, I am looking for jobs related to my field, and this workshop really taught me about the things I need to learn and unlearn – and the topic on Labor Laws made me realize that it is important to not only research about the company but also about our personal rights as an employee.” Her favorite part was the topic of tips and techniques for answering interview questions since it is one of her weaknesses, and the sample resume given helped distinguish how she was going to create a compelling outline of self-introduction during interviews. 

Employable skills need to be honed and practiced, and through the initiative of NYLI and SK Bacolod, the fresh graduates of Bacolod will be suffused with confidence and knowledge in applying for jobs in their respective fields. / Rose Coleen Rubio, WVSU Intern


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