Dec 1, 2018

by John Rey Reyes, Batch Tumandok

Our life is not as constant as it is. The universal power that holds us all is the love we yearn to both give and receive, hence, this is where our naked eyes should not be blinded but rather opened to the realities that exist, whether good or bad. Negrosanon Young Leaders Summit, for two years of successfully crafting leaders of change, has indeed rippled numerous hearts to not feel apathetic but more vigilant to the pressing issues that surround our society. As for NYLS, there should be a youth that thrives – for initiatives, for progress, for gradual changes; and for an ideal society. So, what does it even take to thrive? To be thriving? To have thrived?

Thriving means to emerge. It means giving yourself a shot to try. As leaders, we should set our ideologies into motion and set it into action. We are provided with the training that is necessary for us to be better leaders. We are all have heard of inspiring stories from our fellow leaders. We all have realized our advocacies. We all have set the standards of thinking out of the boxes. We have eradicated the sense of apathy and negligence. And with all of those things, it indicates our preparedness to apply it into the reality. It should not end there, and it does not end there. The real phase is the application of such to our everyday life. The real challenge is when you try to voice out but your tiny little voice will never be heard. It is when you try to conduct a project but no one would support, your stakeholders will just take advantage of you, the budget was cut, your volunteers have given up and lose all the hope that’s gone. You see? Thriving means continuing to exist, continuing to serve, continuing to empower and continuing to emerge and create a significant change. The real setbacks are waiting outside the training grounds, and one should thrive to survive without delimiting the other. And as leaders, the way we thrive is an act of love – we act because we care, we think, and we know it is something to be mitigated.


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